Drum Beat Project

Beat 72 of my #DrumBeatProject 5.20.21 Notations at glennkotche.com/projects. Using @sunhouseinc #sensorypercussion to beef up the sound for this guy. Two main components here - the split doubles between FT and BD and the HH isolated “shine-time” notes to counterbalance. The 1/2x backbeat on SD is doubled w/ stack or trashformer to give a slight variation. I’m so used to the SD and HH being in tandem that the idea here was to split them up and let each one speak independently. This beat is a variation of D022d from 1.22.21. Using @promarkbydaddario Mod #activewave570 sig. stx. Past beats GlennKotche.com/projects - check’em out - #ABeatAWeek #DrumBeatTheory #DrumBeatImmersion #loveyourneighbor @wilco @clark.hubbard @ashwin_deepankar ...

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