Drum Beat Project

Beat 151 of my #DrumBeatProject 9.20.22 vid & notations. A straightforward one from the archives. Nothing tricky here but great PA sound and view of the empty amphitheater at @wilco soundcheck in Bend, OR. Just riffing to check the sound. Some nice aspects tho: the space & simplicity, the contrast of open HH hit against the low BD/FT ruff & the SD flam to end the phrase. Solo pieces are up on my youtube channel, link in bio. Past beats & notations at GlennKotche.com/projectscheck’em out! @ashwin_deepankar @ clark.hubbard #ABeatAWeek #DrumBeatTheory #DrumBeatImmersion #loveyourneighbor ...

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Beat 150 of my #DrumBeatProject 11.11.22 Wait for xtra vid & notations. The humidity caused the Chinese tom head on my antique kit to tighten up so I played a beat using it as a sort of conga. The left x-stk is hitting a woodblock & spatula, w/the splash on the HH getting a nice after crash. Good view of the overhanging BD pedal too. It’s a 4 bar beat in 2 parts w/alternating high and low endings. Each (8 count) part is felt as a grouping of 3 + 3 + 2. Thx to @clark.hubbard for showing it both w/ & w/out brackets. Tried it on my @Sonordrumco kit too & utilized some African drumming techniques that I learned @Kentuckypercussion - using those dead strokes in place of slaps to contrast with the lower open tones. That’s the 2nd vid w/RH split between 2 toms for tonal variation and augmented by @creative_percussion bells on the HH w/ @gruvxpercussion & @drumgees on SD for a nice combination of colors. Solo pieces are up on my youtube channel, link in bio. Past beats at GlennKotche.com/projects check’em out! @ashwin_deepankar #ABeatAWeek #DrumBeatTheory #DrumBeatImmersion #loveyourneighbor @wilco ...

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